Christian Speaker Jenn Walden
Christian Speaker Jenn Walden

Jenn Walden

Jenn began speaking on public stages in high school, which led to numerous recognitions and partnerships. Over the years, she has spoken on a variety of topics to a wide-range of audiences- everything from educational conferences to church retreats.

Her skills as a speaker and educator, are now used to speak to the hearts of women. As Jenn found freedom by embracing her own story, she discovered that she was not alone.  Many women are desperate for greater transparency.  This inspired her to “stop sitting on her grace” and share her personal stories of redemption with others. In doing so, doors have continued to open which allow her to inspire other women in embracing wholeness. 

Jenn’s passion and transparency are contagious. Her willingness to share personal failures and heartaches endear participants, giving them greater courage to embrace their true identity in Jesus Christ. If Jenn, can find freedom and hope, anyone can.  Her love for other women is evident as she cheers each of us on in taking new steps of faith. Jenn’s heart is to refresh, inspire, and equip. 

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Laura Lambert

Jenn also speaks as a mother-daughter duo with her daughter, Laura Lambert. Click here for Laura’s bio and speaking info.

This Mother- Daughter Duo is perhaps one of the most unlikely you’ll find. Laura never thought she would grow up with a mother, and Jenn never thought she would become a mom. 

Yet in June of 2006, Jenn married Laura’s father Kirk–a single dad raising 13 year-old Laura and her two siblings. Through all the challenges of a blended family, the two became mom and daughter, and best friends along the way.

Their story not only showcases God’s redemption of all things broken, but also His knack for surprising us with more than we could ever ask and His abounding grace.  

Both former teachers with degrees in psychology and education, Jenn and Laura have experience working with at-risk and underserved populations. Jenn and Laura  love exploring behavior and human needs, and applying God’s design and support in these areas. 

Jenn and Laura have served alongside one another in music ministry and love singing with an acapella group through one of Nashville’s premier music schools. For both of them, music speaks to their souls in a unique way. 

They do a lot of life together–they are even next-door neighbors. Currently, the two are teaming together on a number of projects, from books to multimedia resources. Soon to be released is a workbook-style devotional equipping women to tell their personal stories of grace that is uniquely theirs to stamp on the world. 

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