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    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Kirk and Jenn Walden, The Faith Revolution Podcast Kirk Walden is a Christian speaker and author.  He works with ministries across the world as a consultant and advancement specialist. The Faith Revolution Podcast was born out of a desire to see faith become more accessible and culture changing -anyone at anytime can have faith.  Accessibility is found in peeling off layers of religious complexity and embracing the deep roots of simplicity found in Jesus.    Click here to find Kirk’s Event Schedule. Click here to check out Jenn’s Speaking.    

  • Labels, Faith Revolution Podcast


    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Episode Transcript Kirk: It’s great to have you on the podcast, and today is one of those uncomfortable ones. We’re going to be talking about labels. Jenn: Labels. This topic has been something on my heart for some time now. I just feel like there’s a lot to uncover in this topic for us, as men and women of faith. Kirk: There is. And I look at it as labels we put on ourselves, I want to talk about that. Labels we put on others, and then there is a label I believe God wants for us. So I want to jump…

  • It's Okay If You're Not Okay

    It’s Okay If You’re Not Okay

    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Episode Transcript An Inspiring Song… Kirk: This is Kirk. Jenn: And this is Jenn  Kirk: And it’s great to have you on the Faith Revolution Podcast today. We’re going to betalking about a subject that’s not easy for me, because it’s about transparency, and about being real,and how that can make our faith a little more attractive to those around us if we’re willing to betransparent. Jenn: You’re known across the country for your transparency, that’s one of the things people love about you. But it’s funny, because there’s always a deeper level. Kirk: There is. I guess, how I got to…