Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

As humans, we will inevitably face heartache. So it is not <strong>if</strong>, it is when we face trials, trauma, or tragedy. Yet, supporting others in our community can feel overwhelming. Let's explore what it looks like to hold one another's hands in the face of challenge.

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    From Shame to Showing Up

    By JENN WALDEN – Huddling under a table in a storage area attached to the garage of our 1970’s cookie cutter ranch-style home, my heart beat rapidly. Only five years old, the adrenaline was not the result of an exciting game of hide and seek, but instead panic and a hope that maybe, just maybe, I could disappear. News of an older boy coming to my house paralyzed me with fear.  A casual onlooker may have attributed my hiding to my being shy, weird, or defiant, but my disappearance had roots. Weeks before, someone else had stolen a measure of my innocence. So, at this moment, I wanted to hide. …

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    Buried Desires

    By JENN WALDEN – At the age of 33,  I met Kirk. He was a single dad of three children; ages 11, 14, and 16. I wasted no time falling in love with the four of them. In a moment only God could orchestrate, we became a family. Never married and never a mother, the moment I said “I do,” my life was forever changed. After years of wandering, I finally found my tribe. After six months as a family, we celebrated our first Christmas at Disney World. Moving states, building a house, enrolling in new schools, forming friendships, starting a business, step-parenting, and yes, a new marriage had sufficiently…

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    When Life Sucks *

    By JENN WALDEN – *My apologies for what appears to be an offensive word in the title. But there’s a point here. “Jesus will carry you,” we’re told by well-meaning friends when we face challenges. We smile, putting the best face on our pain. We read “Footprints in the Sand,” because somehow, we’re supposed to just know, Jesus will pick us up and walk us through any trial. But can we be transparent enough to ask, what does this actually mean? What does “carrying me” look like in real life? When Numbers are Stacked Against Us Another phrase we hear a lot is, “The numbers don’t lie.” And sometimes, those numbers can almost…