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    Tripping through the 1980’s: The Case For Greater Transparency

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) By JENN WALDEN – In the 1980’s and 90’s, Christian youth were totally legit for Jesus. Youth nights were especially awesome. Hormones and emotions raging, it was time to scope out potential soulmates and get our Jesus on. I mean really, WWJD? So if you were a Jesus girl in the 1980s,  this meant serious event prep. Picture long permed hair, handfuls of fluffy mousse, blow dryers on high-heat, picks for teasing and aerosol spray. Voila! BIG hair! The chemicals ingested and absorbed from repeated overuse probably knocked some years off our life expectancies, but who cares–so worth it!  We loved our…

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    Love In Torn Pages

    By JENN WALDEN – It was borderline compulsion. Flipping the pages of a well-worn Bible from my youth, I found it full of handwritten notes and dozens of passages colorfully highlighted. This precious book chronicled a portion of my faith journey, all before journaling Bibles were a thing. I reached my first destination, ripping out the page. Then, more flipping. More ripping. I was on a personal journey so important, it required literal, almost gut-wrenching, action. I’m sure it looked like I was desecrating the most sacred Book in my life.  I’m still not willing to say this was a good idea, but I dove into an afternoon of plastering…

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    From Shame to Showing Up

    By JENN WALDEN – Huddling under a table in a storage area attached to the garage of our 1970’s cookie cutter ranch-style home, my heart beat rapidly. Only five years old, the adrenaline was not the result of an exciting game of hide and seek, but instead panic and a hope that maybe, just maybe, I could disappear. News of an older boy coming to my house paralyzed me with fear.  A casual onlooker may have attributed my hiding to my being shy, weird, or defiant, but my disappearance had roots. Weeks before, someone else had stolen a measure of my innocence. So, at this moment, I wanted to hide. …

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    Beautiful Jesus Girl

    By JENN WALDEN – Hi. I’m Jennifer, but friends call me Jenn.  I was born in Nashville,TN, in the buckle of the Bible belt. I currently live in the outskirts of  Nashville, and still find myself questioning if NashVegas is truly a thing. Each time I venture downtown, I realize that it is indeed a thing.   Growing Up: Not Beautiful  I was raised by wonderful parents to be a beautiful, southern Jesus loving girl. Yet as I grew up, I didn’t feel beautiful; inside or out. More than anything else, I hungered for the approval of God, my church, and my family. Yet, I failed more times than I can…

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    My Adventure with EHarmony AND An Honest Review of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

    Crashing By JENN WALDEN – – When I was twenty-nine years old I kissed dating goodbye. I won’t bore you with stories of good guys I let slip away, because I couldn’t get myself mentally together. But in short, when I was 29, I crashed to the floor, devastated after a long-term relationship ended. I was done with “me.”   Not long after, I read Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I crumpled to the floor again . . . “I want the next man I kiss to be my husband.” I was determined–I was angry–mainly at myself. I needed a break and so I began my journey of not…

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    Buried Desires

    By JENN WALDEN – At the age of 33,  I met Kirk. He was a single dad of three children; ages 11, 14, and 16. I wasted no time falling in love with the four of them. In a moment only God could orchestrate, we became a family. Never married and never a mother, the moment I said “I do,” my life was forever changed. After years of wandering, I finally found my tribe. After six months as a family, we celebrated our first Christmas at Disney World. Moving states, building a house, enrolling in new schools, forming friendships, starting a business, step-parenting, and yes, a new marriage had sufficiently…

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    Together in Trials, Trauma, and Tragedy

    When Life Sucks *

    By JENN WALDEN – *My apologies for what appears to be an offensive word in the title. But there’s a point here. “Jesus will carry you,” we’re told by well-meaning friends when we face challenges. We smile, putting the best face on our pain. We read “Footprints in the Sand,” because somehow, we’re supposed to just know, Jesus will pick us up and walk us through any trial. But can we be transparent enough to ask, what does this actually mean? What does “carrying me” look like in real life? When Numbers are Stacked Against Us Another phrase we hear a lot is, “The numbers don’t lie.” And sometimes, those numbers can almost…

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    Breaking Up With God

    Inspired by Joanah Madzime’s Poem, “Dear God” A New Mission Field . . . While I was with my husband Kirk, where he was speaking onbehalf of a non-profit ministry, a pastor gave me reason for pause. “We should not be surprised if within the next few decades we begin seeing missionaries from Africa journey to the United States to share the message of Jesus,” Pastor David told me. Though I didn’t say anything, my first thought was that Pastor David’s ideas were ludicrous. Did he seriously believe the tables might turn, and one day African Christians would view the United States as a mission field?   But I couldn’t…

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    I Am The Bearded Lady

    The Greatest Showman By JENN WALDEN – My daughters could not stop talking about the hit movie, The Greatest Showman, so because they kept insisting, I bought my online ticket, some popcorn and a soda, then snuggled into my reclining seat in the theater. After spending that much money, I was hoping their enthusiasm was worth my investment. It was. The film doesn’t disappoint. Centering around P.T. Barnum and the curious individuals he collected, The Greatest Showman inspired me to think about faith within the diversity of human hearts and experience. And, though hard to admit, I was challenged to think about my own journey and identity. This Is Me One of the most salient…

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    It’s Time To Fly

    A Question Sometimes, a question turns into a life-changing moment. For me, it took place when I sensed the Lord asking simply, “Do you want to learn more? Or would you rather soar?” Because I didn’t have an immediate response, I asked my daughter and husband how they would answer. Without hesitation they both responded, “I would rather soar.” I love learning, especially about my faith. But, in an “Aha” moment, I realized sitting and learning– without getting out of the comfort of our nest–can cause us to become unhealthy.  Spreading our wings in faith keeps us from becoming spiritually fat. It is kind of like, “Okay girl, when are…