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Where Faith Grows, Laura Lambert

It was such an honor to be a guest on the podcast Where Faith Grows to discuss the topic of shame.

The Host of Where Faith Grows, Laura Lambert, just happens to be my daughter. Watching her vision for the Where Faith Grows Podcast come to life has been such a proud Mom moment for me.

My own faith is stretched by this spirited and feisty young woman. As she talks to women across the country from various generations and life experiences, I truly believe you will find your own faith expanding as well.

Laura is a serious agitator in my life. You know what I mean? She is that person who shoves me into the uncomfortable places, never leaves me alone, and coaxes me out of my comfy chair to live life more fully. I hope you have an agitator like Laura in your life.

Yes, Laura is my spirit of adventure. I want to be more like her, but I am humbly reminded that opposites attract for a reason. We make a great team and balance one another well.

I hope you enjoy my daughter as much as I do!

Meet Laura (Bio)

Laura Lambert

Laura is a podcaster, blogger, and speaker based near Nashville, TN. She is wife to Matt, Mom to Henry, and dog-mom to two crazy pups, Flynn and Hank. 

With degrees in Social Work, Psychology, and Education, Laura is passionate about finding the balance between Faith and science. She also has extensive experience working with at-risk and underserved populations. She loves understanding behavior and God’s design in how we think, process, and respond to life’s challenges and curveballs. She uses this passion to equip women with practical answers and insights into their spiritual and mental health.

Laura uses her podcast, Where Faith Grows, to encourage and inspire women weekly to find new areas in their lives where Faith can grow and flourish. Her other current projects include a workbook for women, and a book she is co-authoring with her mother, Jennifer Walden.

Laura has found a home onstage. From playing leading roles in musicals and stage productions to being selected as the commencement speaker for her undergraduate graduation from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Laura has ignited and inspired audiences for over a decade.

An avid yogi, frequent traveler, and a lover of photography and music, she likes to stay active and be a part of her local community. She even performs as part of an a capella group through an award winning music school in her area. 

She loves making connections with people and finding joy and faith in the everyday. She adamantly believes that God can be found anywhere we look for Him, and helps women find this truth in order to transform their lives from the inside out.

Episode 001 – Jennifer Walden: On Shame

May 1, 2020

“I’m tired of (shame) disabling people. I’m tired of it disabling the body of Christ. And it was only in realizing that God needed me. He needed me to release that shame – it wasn’t helping him, and it wasn’t helping me love his people.”

Jennifer Walden, Christian Speaker and Blogger - interviewed for Where Faith Grows, Podcast by Christian podcaster and speaker, Laura Lambert

Jenn Walden Speaker and Blogger

What You Will Hear

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about shame. What a fun topic! (ha!)

Jenn and I start by defining what shame is. We talk about the difference between guilt and shame, and how both are a constant struggle for Christians, as we identify ourselves as sinners in need of grace.

We talk about why the concept of shame is so important, and we discuss where it comes from, whether our shame is something we heap on ourselves, or whether it was placed on us by a situation in our lives. 

Jenn and I then talk about how we can overcome shame, and how it truly isn’t helpful to us as we try to proclaim the gospel and share the good news of Jesus. We talk about instances of shame in the Bible too.

Finally, we talk about something that touched my heart in such a special way – we talk about giving other people space to relinquish their shame with us. We talk about how important it is to allow people to open up and be vulnerable, to let go of the shame and guilt they feel by showing their truest self to us.

This one is just beautiful – if you’re anything like me, you too have struggled with guilt and shame in your life. Let’s tackle it together with Jenn. Don’t forget to share it if you love it! 

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