Jenn Walden picking up rocks

The Quarantine: Picking Up Rocks

Gravity Hits

The first day I realized “Oh! We’re in Quarantine,” and the gravity of everything started hitting me, I had the brilliant idea to venture outside and start picking up rocks.

Why we have so many rocks is another story, but I’m just telling you we have a lot of rocks. In fact, in this video you can see one of my many piles. Not content to complete this important work alone, the whole family is now involved in picking up rocks. 

So,  as a global pandemic spreads, and it feels there is literally nothing I can do  (except honor the #stayhome mandates),  picking up . . . rocks seems helpful. Because, how am I–someone who never stops–supposed to find my worth during a world crisis by slowing down? Or, perish the thought, by stopping? 

I had to do something. Hence, the rocks.

Treasure Find

As I was picking up rocks and contemplating the state of the world, I noticed a fossil peeking out between a clump of grass and dirt.   Dusting off this beautifully preserved piece of Horn Coral, a big smile formed and I looked up through the clouds. 

Influenced by my Dad and his love of geology, I have uncovered a number of fossils over the years.  In fact, my family would argue that I respond like I have unearthed a gold discovery, and they’re like, “oh no biggie Mom just found another fossil”.  Fossils never gets old (funny huh?); I get excited every single time.  

At a time when everything is feeling crazy, shaken, chaotic, and uncertain, this fossil was such a precious reminder of my Creator.

The creative genius who designed coral and then insured it’s preservation for me to discover just when I needed it, that Creator is pretty awesome. 

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

The Guy who preserved Horn Coral – that One – He’s got me and He’s got you. In fact He’s got the whole world in His hands,  right? Everybody sing along with me.

When I step outside and feel the wind and hear the birds, and when I look into the eyes of those I love, there is simply no doubt- I know God loves His little children. 

In a moment of escape from unpleasant realities, I was gently reminded that He is the absolute real deal. 

The God who preserves coral, is a God who can preserve you and me. He’s got us; each and everyone. 

So to all the little and big children I sing, “He’s got the whole world in His hands”.

Be well and love always,

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