Quarantine Pajama Party

The Quarantine: Getting Dressed


I have been thinking about the varied ways we are all coping through this season of Quarantine. Everything from humor to media overload, identifies our need to make sense and mentally get on the other side of this historic crisis. 

One of the personal behaviors that has been keenly important to me during this season, is taking time to get dressed every. single. day. 

So while other women are heroically on the front lines providing food, healthcare, and other necessities of life, I’m doing the important work of dressing up and sitting in my house. 

The Pajama Party

As I have witnessed so many women giving up on all appearances of trying, why not me? Personally, it’s as if every woman in Quarantine has been invited to a mass pajama party and I never received the invitation. Strange as it is, I want to join the party but I just can’t.

Seriously, I can’t tell you exactly why I’m doing this. As I look at my makeup, flashy earrings, favorite shirt, and perfect hair, I literally laugh aloud.  Am I just shallow?  

Why the heck am I repeatedly going to so much trouble?  Especially when I have no where to go.

Compulsion with Purpose

Yet it is like a compulsion to wake up every day and with purpose act like I have something important to do. In reflection, I think it is mentally setting my mind that this day matters.

So even though I’m in Quarantine, and I ain’t going nowhere, nowhere, it doesn’t matter, I still want to at least appear as if life is happening.  

Honestly life is still happening- isn’t it? My moments and seconds upon the earth have not been placed on pause while I experience this insane moment in human history. 

Jenn Walden, Christian Blogger and Speaker, Quarantine QuoteAn Unexpected Response

When I shared the above video on social media, it did not elicit the response I expected. Honestly, I thought my behavior of getting dressed up each day was funny and somewhat quirky.  

I thought my post might spark some discussion among friends about humorous ways of coping. But seriously, I never thought it would cause women I love to feel guilty or question their pajama party.  And, I certainly did not expect anyone to contemplate the importance of their own spiritual readiness.  

So my own perceptions of this funny coping mechanism were somewhat misguided, actually holding deeper meaning for my friends, and inevitably for me. 

What is Your Heart Wearing?

At the end of the day, it simply does not matter whether we are living out these days looking homeless or fashionable. I firmly believe our Creator is more interested in our hearts and mental well-being. 

If you are at the pajama party, please have a blast and enjoy every second. And if like me, you are wasting time getting dressed, I hope it makes you feel more in control of your day. For me, I desperately need the constant and somewhat superficial reminder of getting dressed to keep my heart well. 

Regardless, I pray you are finding enough peace to adequately embrace the moments of life you’ve been gifted – even in the chaos of this season. 

Big hugs to you. 

Be well and love always, 

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