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    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Kirk and Jenn Walden, The Faith Revolution Podcast Kirk Walden is a Christian speaker and author.  He works with ministries across the world as a consultant and advancement specialist. The Faith Revolution Podcast was born out of a desire to see faith become more accessible and culture changing -anyone at anytime can have faith.  Accessibility is found in peeling off layers of religious complexity and embracing the deep roots of simplicity found in Jesus.    Click here to find Kirk’s Event Schedule. Click here to check out Jenn’s Speaking.    

  • Labels, Faith Revolution Podcast


    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Episode Transcript Kirk: It’s great to have you on the podcast, and today is one of those uncomfortable ones. We’re going to be talking about labels. Jenn: Labels. This topic has been something on my heart for some time now. I just feel like there’s a lot to uncover in this topic for us, as men and women of faith. Kirk: There is. And I look at it as labels we put on ourselves, I want to talk about that. Labels we put on others, and then there is a label I believe God wants for us. So I want to jump…

  • It's Okay If You're Not Okay

    It’s Okay If You’re Not Okay

    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Episode Transcript An Inspiring Song… Kirk: This is Kirk. Jenn: And this is Jenn  Kirk: And it’s great to have you on the Faith Revolution Podcast today. We’re going to betalking about a subject that’s not easy for me, because it’s about transparency, and about being real,and how that can make our faith a little more attractive to those around us if we’re willing to betransparent. Jenn: You’re known across the country for your transparency, that’s one of the things people love about you. But it’s funny, because there’s always a deeper level. Kirk: There is. I guess, how I got to…

  • Woman at the Sea Shore

    Praying Beyond Words

    A Recommendation When a friend recommended the book, Letters to Malcom, I was pumped to read something new from the inspired mind of C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia. Goodness know I love the fantastical and spiritually reflective world of Narnia, and this iconic author would surely not disappoint. But this invitation was more personal than either my friend or I could have predicted. In fact, I’m convinced God spoke to her heart–I’m thankful she was obedient to the nudge. I wasted no time purchasing my first Audible book, and simultaneously began the process of painting my office also known as Jenn’s Closet. Multi-Tasking in My Closet Paint…

  • Colorful Houses, Love Your Neighbor., Podcast

    Love Your Neighbor

    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden Episode Transcript Kirk: This is Kirk.  Jenn: And this is Jenn.  Kirk: And welcome to The Faith Revolution Podcast today. It’s going to be an interesting day, because we’re going to be talking about practical ways to love your neighbor. And when I talk about loving our neighbor, it’s easy to say, “Oh, we all know how to do that. We’ve read the story in the Bible,” and all those things, but today we’re going to take a different look. And I think it’s going to challenge . . . It challenged my perceptions when we looked at it, and I…

  • Black and White Fists, Faith Revolution Podcast

    Racial Reconciliation, Jesus Style

    The Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk & Jenn Walden In this episode of The Faith Revolution Podcast, Kirk and I discuss the difficult topic of race relations, a complex issue which Jesus solved with six practical steps. We were amazed at the simplicity Jesus brought to the issue of racial and ethnic relationships within his own cultural context. Application in real life is undoubtedly more complex than bullet points and “6 easy steps”, yet if each of us embraced the approach of Jesus I am convinced we could make a difference.   Please share your thoughts. I absolutely want to hear from you on this topic. It is only within the…

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    Serve Anyway: 7 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

    In this episode, Kirk and Jenn discuss tips for overcoming ministry burnout. This podcast is for those who serve, whether in a ministry or a non-profit (business leaders and educators might find this helpful, too). Our Starting Point for This Episode Entering this discussion, Kirk and Jenn considered the following regarding ministry burnout . . . Circumstances that cause those in ministry to become jaded and experience burnout. Practical tips for avoiding ministry burnout when serving becomes hard. To Consider Are you currently feeling worn out in your ministry or non-profit?   How is this potentially affecting those you serve? Can you pinpoint sources of your burnout? What role do expectations…

  • Jenn Walden and Laura Walden Painting Class

    Where Faith Grows, Laura Lambert

    It was such an honor to be a guest on the podcast Where Faith Grows to discuss the topic of shame. The Host of Where Faith Grows, Laura Lambert, just happens to be my daughter. Watching her vision for the Where Faith Grows Podcast come to life has been such a proud Mom moment for me. My own faith is stretched by this spirited and feisty young woman. As she talks to women across the country from various generations and life experiences, I truly believe you will find your own faith expanding as well. Laura is a serious agitator in my life. You know what I mean? She is that…

  • Dr. Tami West

    Consider Yourself Hugged, Dr. Tami West

    Episode #53: Getting Through Tough Times with Jenn Walden I so enjoyed sitting down with my precious friend and project partner Tami West. She is such an inspiring and motivating human; everyone needs a Tami in their life. On this episode of her weekly podcast, Consider Yourself Hugged, I shared my strategies for overcoming the mental challenges of cancer. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Meet Tami (Bio) Entrepreneur, author, wife, mom, lover of dogs, and motivational speaker Tami has been helping people take their power back and live their own lives for over 15 years. Her passion stems from a lifelong battle with anxiety disorder that initiated her dedication to helping others.…

  • Woman holding sunflowers

    The Faith Revolution: What is Faith?

    Welcome to the Faith Revolution Podcast with Kirk and Jenn Walden. It’s great to have you with us. In this episode, we are considering the seemingly simple task of asking the question… What is faith?  We challenged ourselves with some new and simple perspectives on faith during this morning coffee discussion. Getting Started As we entered this discussion, Jenn and I considered the following. . . How is faith defined by most Christians? How have we personally defined faith and how would we express the concept to others? In considering the meaning of Immanuel (God is with us)**, how do both the name and life of Jesus form the foundation…