About Jenn Walden


Jenn Walden was born and raised in the outskirts of Nashville, TN. She was blessed to grow up with a big extended family surrounded by faith, love, and music. 

Earning degrees in History, Psychology, and Education, Jenn has served in various educational fields for more than twenty years. Her teaching and administrative roles in public, private, and Christian education have afforded her the unique opportunity to work with a wide range of people from varied economic, religious, and social circumstances.  

Jenn has been nationally recognized for her design and implementation of programs serving at-risk youth, and currently works with underserved and at-risk populations through volunteering and partnering with local and national non-profit organizations.

Her most recent projects specifically focus on influencing and empowering women. Her blog, Jenn’s Closet, is dedicated to inspiring spiritual wholeness in women, building transparent communities of faith, and equipping any woman to make a difference in her sphere of influence. 


Pouring herself into a teaching career and church ministry brought Jenn a great deal of fulfillment but, meeting her husband Kirk–when she was 33–was an answer to prayer.  

As an ovarian cancer survivor, Jenn did not think it was in the cards to have children. Yet, marrying a single dad immediately blessed her with three children, then Jenn and Kirk were surprised by two miracle babies. 

Today, Jenn enjoys homeschooling their two youngest, while also supporting Kirk as he speaks and writes for non-profit ministries in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Jenn and her husband Kirk live in the suburbs of Nashville, TN with their two youngest children, a cat (“Meatloaf”) and a dog (“Aubie”). 

Beyond spending time with her family, Jenn loves the outdoors and finds relaxation in gardening, walking, and reading a good book on the back porch. 


A book that changed Jenn’s life was Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley. 

Her favorite daily activity is  morning coffee with husband, Kirk.

Jenn has a lifelong dream to travel to all fifty states; 45 under the belt and 5 to go.  She loves any travel adventure, but will always be a Southern girl at heart. 

In the spirit of Outliers, Jenn has spent more than 10,000 hours working with children as well as speaking. Most of her experience speaking has been in small group settings of 5 to 25, but she has also spoken to audiences of over 5,000.  

About Jenn Walden
Kirk Walden and Jenn Walden, Christian Speaker and Writer
Jenn Walden holding her son Jacob
Jenn Walden and Lexie Walden
Christian Authors and Speakers Kirk and Jenn Walden

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