Welcome to Jenn’s Closet

Like most of us, I have a closet off my bedroom. For me, it’s a place for my not-so-trendy clothes and a makeshift writing desk. While I technically share this space with my husband Kirk, you know the truth: the closet is mine. 

But my closet also represents a metaphorical place where I cry, pray, occasionally throw things, get mentally dressed and undressed, hide stuff I have no idea what to do with, and sing and dance like nobody’s watching. My closet is where I attempt to quiet the chaos of life’s emotions finding rest.  It is a place where my story is written.

Cultivating Transparency

Ladies, you’re invited to join me here, because I’m guessing you—like me—long for the facades and masks to melt away.  Allowing you into my closet, is my effort at more genuinely loving  you and every other woman in my path. I know if I want to see real change it has to begin with me- I have to find courage to take off the mask.

My heart and passion is to build a safe place where we release the plaguing guilt telling us we are never enough. A community, where we lean on one another with outrageous love and support, not judgment. A tribe where, hand in hand, we tackle the challenges of life, cheering on one another when we feel fabulous, wiping each other’s tears when we are tragically broken, and speaking life into the incredible beauty we each possess.  

You are Invited

So regardless of who you are and where you have been, you dear lady, can pull up a chair in my closet. Together we will evaluate our emotional wardrobes, try some new styles, establish habits for fashionable faith, throw away the junk we should never have bought in the first place, laugh at ourselves, even cry. But most importantly, we will be real about life and faith. 

Join me and let’s build a wardrobe of faith that is positively fabulous, and in the process let’s cultivate a sisterhood of joy that is contagious! 

Be Well and Love Always,

Jenn Walden Signature for Jenn's Closet

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